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January 2009:


Well, it's the one year anniversary of Heath Ledger's passing and he has the Oscar nomination. I think he'll get it, somehow.

Just a couple of updates tihis time:
Merchandise has some awesome new stuff in it, courtesy of the excellet Will Ackerman. Thank you!!!
News has a little tidbit.

Hrm, I think that's it! Like I said, just teeny weeny this time.

January 2009:


Oh my gracious, it's a whole brand new year! Indeed, pretty much one whole year since the Haven came back to life to stand as your number one source for everything HQ on the net!

I can hardly believe it! Sniiiiff!!

I've got some fabulous updates for you this month.
As usual, Fan Love has a couple of fabulous contributions, and the Merchandise page has been updated a teensy bit more.

There is also now a page dedicated to the "Babies", Harley's hyenas, Bud and Lou.

In addition, I have a page showcasing some of my simply fantabulous collection. Awww!

As always, check out my connected websites - LovedatJoker and JokerxHarley for more on our favourite crazy couple.