A run-down on a page in Harley History that's especially important to me... read on to find out why!


"Mightier Than The Sword" was issue #10 of the new Gotham Adventures series. Yeah, it's definitely an awesome Harley story, but there are LOTS of awesome Harley stories - why am I dedicating a whole page to this one?

To me, this one is super-special. It officially links my name with Harley Quinn's, and, being the fan that I am, this is really important to me. For ever more, whenever I open my copy of this issue, I can get to a certain page and sigh with happiness!

Only geeky, nerdy fangirls can understand! ;)

The story is this:
Several years ago, when Ty Templeton was the writer and cover artist for GA (and a brilliant job he did too, so many of the stories in that series were just out of this world fantastic!) he and I were 'net buddies' because he was an awesomely friendly and approachable guy. We would chat online for hours at a time about all sorts of nonsense, as you do.
Somewhat influenced, inspired, by my overriding fangirl passion, he decided to write the next great Harley & Joker story. I was happy enough about THAT, but then one day he said to me:
"Hey guess what Elise? I put something in my new Harley story you're gonna just love!"
"Oh yeah, whats dat then?" said I.
"Well, on page seven, Harley is checking into a hotel to hide from The Joker and her publisher says to her 'You're registered under the name,Elise Archer got it?'"
"Ty!" said I, "Elise Archer is MY real name"
"Duh" says he
"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" I yelled, bouncing out of my seat and landing in a pile of begonias.

True story.

(that other story, about me tying Ty to his computer desk chair and tickling his feet with a goose feather until he gave in is a TOTAL FABRICATION!!!!)

Below is three images - one the B&W pencils Ty emailed to me to show me and the other is the page as it appeared in print. The final one is the beautiful cover art drawn by the one and only Bruce Timm.

Incidentally, it is a GREAT Harley story and if you haven't got it, you should definitely pick it up, and it had a great follow-up in issue #14 as well. The world of Batman definitely lost a great talent when Ty decided to move on!

Ty also sent me the script when he wrote it, so with his permission I've uploaded a copy of it for anyone interested in seeing what a comic book script looks like. :)