Harley has had several different looks over the years as she's appeared in different incarnations.  Down below we take a look at them! :) Click on an image to see it full size!



Doodled by Paul Dini as ideas on Harley's look for her appearance in 'Joker's Favour' and presented to Bruce Timm, who apparently said "hmmmmm... No."

This is a very cute glimpse at a 'coulda been' Harley. Love the flashy over the top "glasses/mask" and the bouffant hair-do as well as the very cute Joker and Harley doodle in the top left hand corner and the Harley and Bats one in the lower left hand corner. Hee!

Just think what could've been folks... ! :D

first harl

And this is the Harley every knows and loves, the original design that debuted with the animated series in 1992 and the comic book based on the series.

A classic jester costume, suitably modified to suit Harley's killer bod, striking in its simplicity and absolutely gorgeous, along with Harley's trademark wide, sexy and sligtly sinister grin!

This classic look was changed only minimally for the new series, becoming more streamlined and angular, but that's it.

animated harley

Ahhh, the mainstream Harley. The slightly whackier, more dangerous Harley.

Once again, the classic costume design has really not been altered - it doesn't need to be, it's too fabulously perfect a costume! 

Of course, to suit the more detailed style of the mainstream, Harley is rendered here and in the mainstream comics in a more 'realistic' style.

Also, is it just me, or did she also get inflatable boobies??

Lookin' good, Harls.

mainstream harley

The design of the Harley Quinn for the new 'The Batman' animated series was modified slightly to fit in with this series' highly stylised and quite kooky look.

Harley's history changed a little too - she was a TV psychologist after an interview with The Joker to remake her reputation when Mister Jay twisted her mind and took advantage of her. He also took her on a pretty awesome date and openly drooled over her new look. 

I love it! It's bent and twisted and quite an insane Harley look.

the batman harley

In the Elseworlds special 'Thrillkiller '62'. an alternative looking Harley Quinn had a brief, but memorable appearance.

This Harley's real name was Hayley and she was a teenager obsessed with Batgirl and Robin and the 'Joker' of this story - a woman named Bianca Steeplechase. 

She ends up hooking up with Bianca, having become infatuated with her, and causing a bit of twisted mayhem. 

And looks pretty neat doing it!

thrillkiller harley

Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a regular character in the short-lived live-action TV series, 'Birds of Prey'.

Played by Mia Sara (who I love solely due to 'Legend') she never makes an appearance as Harley Quinn, but is apparently trying to carry on the work of The Joker!

Whilst this was definitely a very different version of Harley, it was totally suited to the show - here HQ is more mature, restrained and sophisticated - but no less insane or in love with her Puddin'!

birds of prey harley

Well, our Harley has earned herself another makeover - this time for a video game!

There's a whole lot of excitement roused about this game - in which Harley is acting as her beloved Mistah J's aide in anarchy as they take over the Asylum!

We all know how she loves to play dress-up and here you can see her true to form thematically in the guise of a nurse!
Truly, nothing can match Harley's own fabulous costume, and this one doesn't really scream "Harley" to me - but hey, it's cute, blood-spattered skirt and all!


In the graphic novel "Joker", taking place in an alternative reality, Harley wore a modified version of her traditional costume but also made the rounds in an entertaining variety of stylish ensembles.

Whilst she doesn't say a word in the whole book, she nonetheless makes her presence very much felt, lurking in the background as Joker's right hand and carrying out some acts of extreme brutality for him! While she is mostly drugged-out and languid, there is still the touch of recognisable Harley-mischief in her deeds. Plus the outfits she chooses to wear still reflect a sense of cute and sexy themed-style with a nod to vintage classics, in keeping with Harls' usual taste.

An interesting and intriguing depiction of Harley, in his book she is a lean, mean, dressing-up machine!


It's Harley as you know and love her - legofied!

Preserved in her original and best classic costume, the lego version of Harley forr the associated popular video game is easily recognisable - even if she is quite a bit more - square!

In this game, neither she nor her Mistah J speak - but their mischevious, malevolent personalities are on full display!


A claustrophic tale told in graphic novel format, this story delves into the insanity and power of Arkham Asylum and its true ruler: the Joker.

Harley Quinn appears it only a little and author Sam Keith has chosen to focus on her more unattractive side, eschewing Harley's brighter perkiness in favour of theme-colour dreadlocks, grunge, sunken eyes, cigarettes and a certain brusqueness of attitude and timbre. Certainly, she looks a little haggard and never gets to wear anything except standard issue institutional jumpsuit!

But she has her moments of playfulness too and even sustains a reasonably authentic voice - Keith doesn't hold back from delving into her crueller nature either!


In the already highly-anticipated sequel to "Arkham Asylum", Harley has clearly undergone a make-over of sorts, trading up the nurse outfit for more 'urban' wear, this time in her more traditional red & black instead of red & purple! The diamond motif makes an appearance too.

Still, this is more 'teen-angst-pretentious-emo-off-the-rack-goth-chick' than 'mischevious, perky, sexy, psychotic clown'.

What is it with the sudden predilection for grunging up Harls? She's as un-grunge as can be!


In this very cute but radically different incarnation, Harley appears as... a little monkey! 

A loyal, loving and devoted pet to an alternative dimension's version of the Joker - a GOOD GUY known by the name of The Jester - she makes only a brief appearance.

But all knowing fans immediately recognise her, and everyone with a love for the clowns and their relationship appreciates the analogies!


The most divergent depiction of Harley (visually, at least) yet, the Brave and the Bold 'verse has her dolled up in black and white silent-film star style.

Still with her distinctive Bronx accent and all-passionate adoration of her Mistah J, this stylish new look is innovative, creative and interesting.

While this style may seem 'un-Harley', given that it is cohesively themed to her Puddin' and prettily presented, I think it's quite in step! More so than 'Hot Topic Chic' above...


Taking things to waaaaaaay left field is the latest incarnation of Harley Quinn, manifested for the new UK-based stage-show spectacular, 'Batman Live!'

Causing furore and confusion amongst fans, especially as the other characters' costumes in the show remain on traditional lines, this... original new design certainly takes Harley in a different direction.

The reason behind the change from black to blue would seem to obviously be for greater impact to audiences seated in far-back rows, seeing as how this is a live show. Why the rest of the changes? That is not as clear... nor why it is always Harley who is subjected to such radical redesigns!

But despite this costume change, fans have responded favourably to her portrayal both in the script and as performed by Poppy Tierney, saying that she is done due justice where it really counts!


In perhaps the most infuriating-to-fans redesign yet, this is DC's preview of a Harley Quinn for their reboot titles, coming... waaaay too scarily soon!

This bewildering, baffling and perplexing design shows little resemblance to the playful whimsy & quirky style of the Clown Princess. It's a lazy & unimaginative one-size-fits-all (or barely fits all?) shorts & top ensemble with... a cape?!?! And nothing that calls to mind her harlequin avatar. The parti-coloured hair does not reflect Harley's neat, conventional & girlish aesthetic. 

It's just completely out of character, very cliche & is bereft of the zany originality of Harley's original - and still the best - look.

Fans are pretty much unanimous in the scorn & derision towards it. The best explanation fans have gotten to this dramatic and perplexing change is that "people liked how she looked in Arkham Asylum".  So far, fans are also not responding well to her depiction in the actual comic, either...