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Now look. Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice to see Harley doing new things and having new adventures. It’s kinda cute to see her without her costume.


Maybe I’m just too old-school a Harley Quinn fan to keep up with this rag tag new world, but a Harley without Joker is like a custard pie without a kisser to smack it into.

And I know I’m not alone in this feeling!

It’s been way too many years, now. The closest we’ve had to Harley and Joker was Batman #663. But there are all sorts of issues with that issue (though it had some great bits as well). Harley and Joker have not been formally reunited for some time, and in fact Harley is now being shown as rehabilitated and an Amazon – moving steadily into ‘Good Guy’ territory!

THIS is love!
I love Harley and I will always love Harley. If she becomes a good guy, this isn’t gonna change. Although I miss her incomparable costume, the important thing is that she remains Harley in personality. (Which we can count on for at least as long as Dini is at the helm)

And one integral trait of Harley’s personality is her love for Joker.

My little fangirl heart broke once before; six years ago when I was unsatisfied with her mainstream treatment and in my melodramatic youthfulness it was enough to drive me out of the fandom.
Nothing will do that to me again; heck with the mellowing of time I can even now appreciate her mainstream series on many levels.

But I couldn't stand for this fantastic pairing to be broken up forever and ever.


  • They have a dynamic like no other. It’s at once funny, disturbing, endearing and passionate
  • Harley permits a side of Joker we do not often see
  • Joker can’t find his socks without Harley and we all know how important it is to Mistah J to be well-dressed at all times
  • Harley gives us opportunities to see Joker cuddly, semi-clothed and referring to himself as ‘Daddy’ (swoons!)
  • It will sell more comics, DC! (Lots more comics!)
  • We’ll get to see Harley back in her adorable red and black number
  • Because they make an incredibly beautiful, perverse couple
  • Because they allow us to ask ourselves why the most sociopathic and dangerous individual to walk the face of the earth would let a needy little blonde into his life – and the answer is intriguing
  • Because it's an incredibly complex relationship with all sorts of layers to it that make for some very interesting possibilities story-wise
  • Because it will make me HAPPY. ;D
Harley gives Joker a certain degree of warmth. In some ways, she humanises the Batuniverse’s least human villain. She gives him new dimensions and new avenues to explore. Furthermore, her love for him is fundamental to who she is. They make a beautiful pair and a Harley in her bells and motley is an incomparably playful and fun villain.
There is ample canon evidence that Joker has feelings for Harley, in so much as he is capable of, and this gives us an insight into his character we would never otherwise have. For someone with as tender and essentially sweet nature as Harley to see deeply into Joker and find something redeemable there – well, it just makes for some pretty awesome story possibilities.

Plus, let’s face it: this pairing is sexy as hell. Joker himself is such a seductive, charismatic, dominant kinda guy and Harley is such an impassioned, sweet, devoted kinda gal, they’re both completely nuts and together the two of them are sheer dynamite. There is so much chemistry and heat and magnetism between them. For anyone into D/s out there, this pairing is absolutely volcanically hot.



It has been somewhat hinted by Paul Dini at least that a reunion could be on the cards. The evidence?

In Harley’s corner we’ve got:
-    Frequent slips – calling Joker ‘Mistah J’
-    Saying it’s “fine with her” they’re no longer on speaking terms
-    Talking about how her past belief in Joker’s love was misguided

In Joker’s corner we’ve got:
-    Drawing a picture of Harley with a knife in her gut and a couple of love hearts around her head in the steam on the glass wall of his shower door
proof #1
And furthermore, Bats himself states that the only thing needed to break down Harley’s reformation is the sight of “her man in need”. He also states Joker would want his girl by his side during his convalescence.

And we ALL know Bats ALWAYS knows where it’s at!

Yeah, not much from Joker but you gotta remember this is JOKER we’re speaking about, the very fact he THOUGHT of her at all is pretty damned compelling. And… knives and love hearts? Again, given this is Joker, he might as well have written her a Shakespearian sonnet!

proof #2

As for Harley’s, you might say – that’s all negative stuff! But, methinks the lady doth protest too much. She’s mentioning it a few too many times, with a little too much emphasis on the lack of love!

Seems to me Mr. D is dropping a few subtle hints that neither of them are over the other.  Let’s hope so!

proof #3 proof #4 proof #5


Holy guacamole! In Countdown #7 when our intrepid explorers think they have returned to Earth, the first place Harley goes? Arkham Asylum to visit Mistah J! However, when she gets there and Joker doesn't recognise her, a distraught Harley breaks down weeping 'that wasn't my Puddin'!' YES!
proof #6 proof #7



Yes, of course she does! Most definitely. She can't be allowed to stagnate. However, one of the laziest and most superficial ways of doing this is to break her up with Joker, especially when he is such an integral part of her psyche. In the animated series, there was a clear relationship evolution arc between them. The same thing needs to happen in mainstream. We need to see our new, more experienced, independent and tougher Harley making certain demands of those in her life. We need to see Harley asking Joker for more from the relationship - and how Mistah J responds. We need to see a Harley who is no longer content to be second fiddle or just the 'henchgirl', but one who is asserting herself and demanding equal partnership. This doesn't mean she's no longer submissive, just that she's able to ask for what she wants.
The relationship is one of the most complex and interesting in the whole comics world. There's so much that can be explored there, rather than simply ignored. So c'mon...


Harley's Haven is dedicated to the memory of Heath Ledger, an actor who devoted much to the role of The Joker.