FULL NAME: Edward (Nashton) Nigma

ALIAS: The Riddler, Enigma, Mr. E, Prince of Puzzles, King of Conundrums

HEIGHT: 6' 1"

WEIGHT: 180 lbs

EYES: Green

HAIR: Black






KNOWN ASSOCIATES: Query, Trigger, Benny, various members of the rogues gallery.

ABILITIES: What The Riddler lacks in muscle power, he more than makes up for in brains. His trademark cane and pistols are usually his weapons of favour, though he does have a large arsenal of various puzzle related gadets and gizmos. The Riddler prides himself on his genius, which often turns out to be his undoing.

ORIGIN: Edward Nashton was an inquizitive only child. Constantly questioning the world and it's ways, his parents found him a burden, blaming each other for his existance. In school, he was a cipher, ignored by everyone. It was in sixth grade that his world would be changed by a puzzle. His teacher announced a contest. The winning student would be honoured at a school assembly and receive a prize. Eddie saw this as his chance to finally get some recognition from his fellow students. That night, he broke into the classroom and found the puzzle. He put the puzzle together after an hour the first time. Over and over again he put it together. Finally, he put it together six times in a row in under a minute. The next day in school, he easily won. The prize: a book of puzzles and riddles. Eddie bathed in the light of his acheivement for the next week. After that, all was the same. The only difference now was the school bullies noticed him. As an escape, Eddie submerged himself in learning all he could about puzzles, traps, and all kinds of trickery. Everything he learned, he practiced till he knew the trick or gimmick inside and out.

Edward's first profession was working in a game booth at a carnival. Using his brains and trickery, he cheated carnival go-ers out of their money. But there was no challenge in this. No thrill. That was when Edward Nashton became Edward Nigma, A.K.A., The Riddler. He chose riddles and puzzles as his modus operandi and Gotham City as his base of operation. He sent riddles to the police, hinting as to where and when he'd strike. Edward was looking for a challange and excitement. When he sent a set of riddles in an exploding box, he got more than he bargained for: The attention of The Batman. Though The Riddler escaped from his first meeting with Batman battered and bruised, he was excited. Finally a worthy advisary! Edward Nigma's future sparkled with the promise of the excitement and notoriety he'd always craved. Now, he just needed an attention grabber to announce his presence to the criminal world. In an elaborate scheme, he and two accomplices, the flooded a cash depository, stealing millions of dollars. Thus Edward Nigma, The Riddler, achieved credibility among his fellow criminals.

Edward Nigma's obsession with puzzles and riddles is usually his downfall. He is incapable of making a score without leaving clues. When captured, Edward is more likely to find himself thrown into Arkham Asylum, rather than Blackgate Penitentiary, in part due to his obsession. While he isn't known for violence (it just isn't his style), he will fight, maim, and even kill, if need be. Those who have underestimated him have been greatly surprised when he shows his vicious side.