FULL NAME: Dee Lemma

ALIAS: Query, Xiaohu (Little Tiger),Quers, Q-Doll, Connie Undrum

HEIGHT: 5' 4"

WEIGHT: 120 lbs

EYES: Green


OCCUPATION: Femme accomplice to The Riddler

FORMER OCCUPATION: Honorary member of the Chinese Triad




KNOWN ASSOCIATES: The Riddler, Manchu, Columbine, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman

ABILITIES: Trained in martial arts, various weapons, and pyrotechnics. Able to shift into any feline form when wearing a special ring.

ORIGIN: Dee was raised in a Westside Gotham Orphanage. Shunned by foster parents, orphanage workers, and the other orphans, she submerged herself in puzzles, books, and her own imagination. The moment she felt she'd gotten everything she needed out of the orphanage, she ran away. Her wanderings lead her to Gotham's Chinatown, which she made her base of operations. Here she picked pockets, using the money to buy food and clothing.

After a bad month of slim pickings, Dee got caught stealing from a street vendor. He grabbed her by the wrist and was about to call for a cop when another man placed a hand on her shoulder. The second man scolded her for running ahead without taking the money to buy them both lunch from the vendor. He then apologized to the man and paid him, then leading Dee off.

The stranger offered Dee shelter and a well rounded education. The only name her benifactor offered was Jiaoshu, or teacher, as he trained the foot soldiers for the Chinese Triad. She was trained in numerous martial arts, weapons handling, and pyrotechnics. Throughout her training, she held the doubt that she'd ever be accepted into the Triad. She hadn't conformed to Chinese ways as much as Jiaoshu would've liked and she was slightly unstable. In the end, however, her doubt was replaced with pride when she was accepted as an honorary member. She became known in the Triad as Xiaohu, or Little Tiger, a named she earned during training. Due to her petite size, she was perfect for special jobs the Triad needed done.

In honor of her acceptance, Jiaoshu allowed her to pick any one item from a special box. Her eye fell to a strange looking ring which she picked up, hesitantly slipping it on. Shocked, Jiaoshu told her about the ring. No one had been able to even pick it up in near five generations. The ring allowed the wearer to change into feline forms at will.

In the years that followed, she took many jobs for the Triad. Dee kept up with happenings on the other criminals in the city, her favorite being The Riddler. His approach on crime fascinated her. It was during a museum heist that she finally met him. Unknown to her and her accomplice that particular night, The Riddler was dropping in on the charity function the museum was throwing.

As Dee worked on opening a heavy safe door, she heard the sound of shifting glass. Instinctively, she leapt out of the way as a display case shattered right where she'd been working. Feng, her accomplice, had tried to crush her with the case. Her ears still ringing, Dee just managed to fend off an attack. The fight was fast paced and vicious, with Feng leaving no room for Dee to retaliate. Ducking around some cases, she managed to gain some time and space. Still running, she reached into her pack, pulling out a wad of plastic explosive. Lighting the fuse, she slowed long enough to slap the chunk onto a wall as she passed, running like hell. Taking a chance, Dee glanced behind her as she rounded a corner, in time to see Feng come up to the trap just as it exploded.

When the smoke cleared, her attacker was no where to be seen. It was then that she noticed the museum was too quiet, being there was a function happening on the main floor, which she was now near. She slipped over to the edge of the party and found out why: The Riddler and his men were working their way through the crowd, gathering up money and valuables. Dee couldn't take her eyes off The Riddler. However, commotion on the other side of the room announced the coming of Batman. With lightning speed, Batman attacked The Riddler, knocking him to the ground. Something snapped in Dee, sending her rushing into the melee. Batman, not expecting such a fierce attack, stumbled back under her blows. Once Batman was clear of The Riddler, the goons set in on Batman. Dee grabbed a hold of the dazed Riddler, a bag of loot, and headed out of the museum.

The second they set foot out of the alley door, two men came and helped The Riddler into a car. Dee hopped in beside him, stowing her things as the car took off. When the car arrived at the hideout, she was ushered into a room and left alone. Having nothing better to do, she fell asleep on the couch. Hours later, The Riddler himself shook her by the shoulder to wake her. In a second, he found himself gritting his teeth in pain as one arm was twisted, pinned behind his back, a knife put to his throat. Just as quickly, he was released. Dee began to apologize to him in Chinese, catching herself and switching to English. Before he could say a word, she told him who she was, adding how she ran into him in the museum. This interested him, for he had heard of Xiaohu, but due to her affiliation, always thought her to be Chinese. He offered her a place in his gang, which she accepted readily. Upon learning her real name, he dubbed her Query.

Her sanity gone, Dee became obsessed with helping Eddie defeat Batman. She has made only a few visits to Chinatown after joining Eddie, and rarely takes any jobs with the Triad anymore. Almost a year after joining Eddie, he presented her with a Siberian tiger cub, which she named Tangram. About six months later, she added twin Bengal cubs, Rebus and Rubix. Her grasp on reality weakened, she can be extremely dangerous, especially when her tigers are with her.