Elseworld? Why? Well, because sometimes I want to write something that I don't want to have as part of the regular continuum that I'm writing. Hence, Elseworlds. It's all good, really! Feel free to email me any questions or comments on the stories!

All stories are by me unless specifically noted. All characters belong to DC comics and are used without permission. Not like I'm making money off this. Query and the Jade Tiger Triad are the exceptions, who are property of me, myself and I. Don't even think about using any of them without my permission!

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Wen Hao Hu Triad
The sequel to Cuddlenundrum. What becomes of mixing a trinity with a punctual duo?

The Beast Within (Complete)
Pre-Hush: The Riddler is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Refusing to accept that this is the end, he is willing to do anything and everything to live. Can he beat death? Or is he about to find out the answer to the ultimate riddle?

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