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Newest story: Wen Hao Hu Triad
The sequel to Cuddlenundrum. What becomes of mixing a trinity with a punctual duo?

The Jade Tiger Triad (Complete)
This is a 12-part series, focused on Query's origins.

There's Always a First Time For... (Complete)
What do you get when you mix Elvis, a clown, a flamethrower, romance, and a man dressed as a bat?

Seagulls Screaming (Complete)
When is a psychiatrist not a psychiatrist?

Tangram (Complete)
What has seven pieces, claws, fangs, and is yellow and black?

French Tart (Complete)
If the tango was only meant for two, and three is a crowd, what do you call the third dancer?

Sauerkraut (Complete)
What has a head, no brain, and practices zymosis when it doesn't get its way?

Harlots of Hades (Complete)
A man is walking down the street. Standing ten feet from him are two women from a past relationship. Five feet away is the woman he had a one night stand with. Fifteen feet away is his girlfriend. Which woman will land the first punch?

Onus (Complete)
Rule #1: XY must remember that XX is always right. Rule #2: In the result that XX is wrong, XY will refer to Rule #1.