In memory of Query

This page has been set up as a memorium of my friend, "Query".

On the 22nd of April, 2008, Query - or "Dee" as she was known to her friends - passed away from breast cancer, after several years of treatment and fighting.

Query was a huge fan of The Riddler. I'd venture to say she was the biggest Riddler fan the world has yet seen. She completely loved Eddie and was devoted to the character. For this reason, she took on the nickname "Dee Lemma", which she generally preferred to go by. For this reason, and out of respect to her privacy, I will not use her birth name on this site.

She also created an original character, who acted as Riddler's paramour and partner-in-crime in her extensive library of fanfiction.
This character was known by the name 'Query'.

In addition to her fanfiction pursuits, Dee was also invested in the cancer community, providing a great deal of support and comfort to others. She was dedicated to educating people about cancer and was published in several magazines.

Dee was a beloved friend to many. Highly intelligent, quirky, genuine and understanding, strongly opinionated and passionate about what she believed in, she was a true friend, utterly loyal without question. She highly valued true friendship and provided support to those she loved without hesitation. She also under-played the severity of her cancer for a long time, not wanting to burden her friends.

For many years, Dee owned and operated the website "Riddler's Realm", where she housed her fanfiction.
Out of concern that this website would vanish once the current paymnet had expired, and that her fanfiction and passion would be forever lost, I have decided to host a mirror of the website on mine.
Nothing has been changed from Dee's original work, apart from a couple of adjusted links. I have merely saved the website in its entirety and reproduce it here exactly as it appeared on her domain.

I wanted to be sure that her friends always had a place to come and read her work and remember her.

In the future, this section will feature her friends' memories of her and some photos.
 In the meantime, please surf on through to 'Riddler's Realm' and enjoy her wonderful and creative fanfiction!