Mad Love

"MAD LOVE" is my origin story and my own very favourite adventure!!! Critically acclaimed, beautifully scripted by Paul Dini, divinely illustrated by Bruce Timm, my daddies, it wuz the winner of both the Eisner and Harvey award for Best Single Issue Comic of the Year.
It takes you, the reader, on a journey into my own and Puddin's world for a few days. The B-man features in it of course, but msot closely examined is the relationship between Mistah J and myself (like how we can't have sex if that darn old Batsy been tormenting my J-man!!), why I love my Puddin, and why my Puddin needs to do what he does. It takes you right back to the very first day me and Mistah J met, how our love grew, and how I would do anythin for that man of mine!!!!It is the definitive me (Harley Quinn) story, and combines the best B-man/Joker/me elements - humor, love, epic battle, betrayal, hope,sadness and pain!!!
It is also the comic where ya learn my Puddin really DOES love me,why else would he send me a rose at the end of it??'s some highlights from it.....ENJOY!

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First Edition Cover
Second Edition Cover
Harley tries to seduce Joker
The deadly beginning..
A gorgeous panel
Joker takes Harley out
The first encounter!
Still dreaming!
Puddin's Angry...
Takikng Harley out in another sense...
Harley Quinn!
The final confrontation
You wonder why people freak about the dentist!
Alternative Cover #1
Alternative Cover #2
Alternative Cover #3

Rated as the Fifth Coolest Batman Story of All Time by "WIZARD!" magazine, here's the low-down on whatcha need to know:(from WIZARD! magazine)


ISSUE:The Batman Adventures: Mad Love
CREATIVE TEAM:Writer: Paul Dini; Artist: Bruce Timm.
THE CAST::Batman; The Joker; Harley Quinn
THE STORY: Behind every good man lies a good woman. Well, the same holds true for every bad man, in this case The Joker's lover, Harley Quinn.
Harleen Quinzel was a gorgeous young woman who slept her way to a psychology degree and chose an internship at Arkham Asylum, home of the criminally insane. Maybe it was the challenge,the excitement or the high-profile nature of these villains that drew her there in hopes of making a name for herself. Whatever the case, there was one simple thing that transformed Ms. Quinzel from intern to villainous sidekick: love.
But when the Joker starts rebuking Harley's love thanks to the constant interference of Batman, Harley takes matters into her own hands. Pleading to Batman's soft side, she tricks him into thinking she's turned on the Joker, and quickly captures the Dark Knight. Drugged and chained upside-down above a tank of flesh-eating piranha - sans utility belt - Batman is completely helpless. Harley's about to do the one thing no villain's ever done: kill Batman! Is there any way out for the Caped Crusader? Maybe, but his name's the Joker...
THE SKINNY: Set in the "Batman: The Animated Series" universe, ,ad Love not only lets us in on the secrets of the criminal world, but examines the Joker's relationship with Batman on a new level. Why does he have to use such elaborate traps to kill Batman instead of just shooting the Dark Knight? To the Joker, it's all perfectly sane.


"Not since PSYCHO has there been a better work of art where everything bad happens because of love. It worked for me. If it wasn't for Mad Love, I wouldn't have no love at all!!"
- Penn Jillette.

"Mad Love is the best Batman story of the decade"
- Frank Miller.

"Stunning. Easily one of my all-time favourite comics. It read like the storyboard for the best animated Batman never made. Bold, lusty, gleefully demented - I love this book madly"
- Mark Hamill

"Mad Love is a happy blend of Harvey Kurtzman and Bob Kane. A veritable primer of relationships in the '90's told with a nostalgic twist."
- John Goodman.