Here is the place to show off what a fabulous, dedicated, obssessed, enamoured Harleyite you are by sending in your Harley/Joker costumes, pictures of your tattoo, stuff that you have Harleyfied, a picture of your room you've given a Harley make-over, or anything else of a similar nature!  Email them to this address and they can join in on this page! :D

Click on the images to see them full-size!


First of all, let's look at some of the fabulous costumes people have come up with!

To the right, we've got Nathalie in her own exceptionally gorgeous Harley costume! Looking fantastic, Nathalie!
And here we have Christina Carr and Martin Huger dressed up as Harley Quinn and The Joker with an anonymous Batman looming behind them!

Pretty neat, huh?

I like Harley's lollypop!
This cutie-pie goes by the name CrzyHarley and here she is looking cutely crazy in her own Harley Quinn outfit!

Amongst the very best costumes you'll ever see, the lovely Saffron Shearer-Gare and her hubby here are Harley Quinn and The Joker as well!

No detail has been missed with these two! VERY speccy! :D
Rogue here is channeling a bit of Harley energy, vibe and panache in a classic Harley Quinn pose in her own beautiful costume!
The sweetie who sent this one goes by the name of "Red".

It's another type of Harley costume - her Arkham Asylum pajammas!

Here's the back!
Peregrin here channels a long-haired Joker (circa the Knightfall era perhaps?) and gives us all his own kinda Mistah J smile!

Erika, a very long time, old time Harley Quinn fan goes the super-cutie with her own unique spin on our Harley Girl!
Richard B. Callender and Jayme Dill in their utterly fabulous and gorgeous Joker and Harley Quinn costumes!

VERRRY nice going, guys! You both look spectacular!
Jessica Bruce, going for something a bit different in velvet rather than the usual spandex, shows off her stunning Harley costume.

She made it herself! :)
Eccentricdoll looking like a total crazed cute pie in her beautiful Harley Quinn costume!

The lovely Rumielf sends in her super-sexy costume! Pucker up for Mistah Jay!

Another with her fella as The Joker!
Alixyveth is Harley and her man is Mistah Jay and both of them look fantabulous in their spiffy costumes!!

My pal Pagliacci, of Harley's Heaven, did a college photo project featuring himself as none other than Mistah J. He looks amazing!

Here's one more! :D
The fabulous Farthingale of DeviantArt in her own beautiful Harley Quinn costume, made all by herself!

She was some wonderful Jhq art over at her page - check it out!
Here's the totally fabulous Brian and Laura in their totally fabulous Joker & Harley costumes...

Apparently they cosplay our favourite couple just about every year at Dragon*Con!

Looking awesome, guys!

Rhiannon sends in her own alternative take on a Harley look - innovative, classy and very sexy!

She's going to be sprucing it up for The Dark Knight!
You look fabulash, Rhiannon!

Here is the super-cute at NYCC this year (2008) - standing next to one of the gorgeous new pieces of Harley merchandise! *covets*

She made her costume herself - doesn't she look sensational!
The lovely Mrs J has sent in these styled pics of her with a Harley-do and a dedication to our belived Mistah J...

... painted in pretty colours on her adorable cheek! I'm sure Mistah J would like such an open declaration!

Ashley's costume for the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight.

The hairfalls are gorgeous and Mistah J sure looks happy there, Ash! ;)

Jackie sends her 'Harley-twist' look from her senior year of high school.

Love it! I love seeing these personal imaginings of Harls!

Halloween was big for Harley this year (2008), with lots of people decking out as our girl!

Here, Ectypes shows us what she's got!

Empty Splendour dolls it up as well, replete with bang gun and all! Great job!

Yet another personal twist on our favourite hench wench, junkie limbo got her costume pieced together from thrift store finds!

Kyria Quinzel does a gorgeous job not just as Harley - to the right.

But Doctor Quinzel as well! Cute!

Frog Leggs makes her ensemble a touch warmer for the cool weather and looks sensational doing so!

Ashlee was not only lucky enough to have her boyfriend as a gorgeous Mistah J, but her good friend as an equally gorgeous Poison Ivy! waaaaaw!

Maggie also put her unique twist on Harley for Halloween - and looks mighty fine doing so!

Anna rocked out on Halloween with her boyfriend, crazy as only our gal Harley can be!

Riot Rockette goes for fetish Harley in a big way - how schmexy is that! Nicely done!

Glitterysavvy and her man look sensational as our lovable evil clown duo - love the PVC Harley costume! Rowr!

Mirthical looks super-duper cute and sassy in a twist on Harley - lingerie Harley! ;)

The very talented and cute Nyki actually made her own costume out of nylon lyrca - how awesome is that? And she looks amazing! And looks as though she's lucky enough to have a Mistah J of her very own!

Claire shares her own completely unique and fabulous twist on Harley - what a super duper cute design!

Sarah was an incredibly beautiful and charming Harley Q over in the UK this year!

Love the way you work that Gotham Girls costume sweetie!

MzQ turns out a completely fantabulous goth-punk of sorts Harley Quinn original to dazzle the crowds. How awesome is that?

Cleo and Ben make a rocking Harley and her Mistah J.

And I love that adorable umbrella!!

The very fabulous Louise kindly shares with us her super-cute and homemade Harley costume.

Here's another pic with her and her boyfriend, Mark as the Joker, and her brother Steven as the Riddler. Spectacular costumes, huh!!

And finally, check out Louise's amazing Harley cake! How gorgeous!

Joanna sends in her alternative take on Harley from Halloween 2008.

If you look closely, you can see a part of the spectacular Killing Joke tattoo on her left arm.

She says she's reserving the right arm for Harley!

Alice's friend hosted a party called "Superheroes and Wannabes" and so she took the opportunity to make her own Harley costume for it! Isn't it awesome?

Apparently no one knew who she was - they all thought she was the Joker! hehehe!


Who better to permanently ink on your flesh, huh? heh.

Rich's custome-designed Harley tattoo features Bud and Lou! Noice!
Remember CrzyHarley from above?

Welp, here she is back again with her super-cute Harley tat!
 Here's an unbelievably awesome Joker tattoo!! Is this incredible or what?

(Incidently...I'm almost 100% sure it's from the cover of Batman #451)
This is Mark's tattoo, from Batman and Robin Adventures #8!

How beautiful!

(prepare to be perforated, pally!)
Red from above who made her awesome Arkham incarceration finery, also has this very lovely Harley tat.

That's from the original cover to Mad Love!

swoon, Harley!
Peter Digby has this beautiful one of that awesome twosome, and best friends forever, Harley and Ivy!

This is taken from an uncoloured Bruce Timm sketch... and has been very beautiful coloured by the tattooist!
Matt Ceretto's very tres trendy Harley tat!


From another Bruce Timm sketch.
Angel Blaze's fabulous and huge Harley tattoo!

She designed it herself! Pretty spiffy, eh?

Fantastic! Thank you, Angel!
Jackie sends in her very fantastic, unique and beautiful tattoo.

I really like the innovation of this one!

Kales from the UK sends in her very gorgeous and detailed tattoo of both of our favourite killer clowns - Joker, as drawn by Graham Nolan in Devil's Advocate and Harley as drawn by Terry Dodson in her own series! What a stunnah!

You can see Harley better in this shot.

Bridget here shows off her stunning new tattoo, courtesy of Stefan of Love Dog Tattoo in Santa Cruz!

Kash sent in their fantastico photo of their new tattoo - a gorgeous Bruce Timm style Harley!

Beautiful work!


Other stuff! ;)

AHHHHH! THIS IS UTTERLY AMAZING! A HARLEY BIKE! Bryan Timble restored this beautiful piece of work himself, and then " decided to dedicate it to my fave cartoon cutie!"! Outstanding!
A Harley Guitar was something I used to dream about (too bad I can't play the guitar!) and Ted Monnin has realised my dream! AWWWEEEESOOMMMMEEE!

And here's the back!
Now this is SUPER spiffy!

Vlado shows us his extra cute, extra special, fully customised Harley mobile phone!


Two more pics: here and here.

Jon Wilks sends in a very cute little Harley doll!
He made her himself - apparently from something called 'Stikfas'.
I have no idea what that is, but this is an awesome little doll!

One more pic here.

Quinn sends in something truly sensational... a customised Harley CAR!

She says: " I have something that can just about beat everyone else on here fandom wise. LOL  (Either that or it just makes me truly insane) "
No kidding! It's amazing!
Three more pics here, here and here.

harley car!
James has sent in his truly awesome and fantastical customised of a Bratz doll to give her a Harley Quinn styled makeover!

How awesome is that?

Except I'd be scared of constantly falling over with a head that big... hehehe.

hq bratz
Autumn Silvermoon sent in these seriously cool Harleyfied handbags that she created.

She tells me she made 'em outta duct tape!

I have no idea how that works so don't ask - Autumn is a bit of a clever pants though! Thanks Autumn! :D

More pics here, here and here!

Claire Milner, who sent in beautiful photos of herself in her own Harley costume above, sends in this very extremely cute HQ doll that she made herself.

So many clever people! Love it!