A few photos of my fantabulash and hard-won Harley Quinn collection from over the years!

Back in the early days of my HQ fan devotion, Australia was not exactly a hub of geekery collecting opportunities. To be honest, it still isn't, though things have seriously improved.  But back then I relied on two things: luck and awesome internet people.

Luck did, indeed, visit me on a couple of occasions, with tracking things down in a store or at a meagre comic book convention, but mostly it was the wonderful people I met on the net who helped me out by sending me collectibles as gifts. They got my collection started and boy, am I ever grateful.

Nowadays, with eBay the way it is, it's simply a matter of patience: waiting for a missing item to come up and then bidding. Heck, with Buy It Now, there's not even the nail-biting anxiety of the auction process! Me, I'm not a patient person so that suits me just fine. :) My collection has been seriously padded out this year with my return to the fandom and I'm close to having everything HQ related now... a goal that once seemed impossible.

Anyway, here's a few pics of my fabulash collection - enjoy! :D Click the pics to see them full-size, as always!

These are the two most recent 13" action figures. They are very beautiful and nicely made, but don't match up quite perfectly as a pair, since Joker has a more cartoony face and Harley a realistic one. Still, they are pretty special!

All of the various toys I have so far that feature Harley - have a few left to get,  but I'm sure they'll find their way to me soon enough!!

In this image you can see better the HQ Barbie Doll (far right, back) - a friend of mine found that in a K-Mart (sort ogf Walmart equivalent) in a small country town here in Oz! Unbelievable.

Far right, down the front, is the microverse villains, Harley is not even an inch high. Joanna, my oldest online friend, sent me that one years ago!

In this image you can see, far right up the back, the original HQ action figure as sent to me, again, by Joanna alone with the microverse Joker set, also from Joanna.

The HQ 12" is inbetween the Barbie and the action figure - kindly sent to me, with her matching Joker 12" (not pictured) by a fellow I knew as The Clock King. He also sent me the shirts back in the day.

All of my precious, precious statues and plates.

These are very extremely beloved by me, as you can imagine!

Left to right, back: the H&I plate, the christmas ornament and the mug.

Left to right, front: the playing cards statue, the mini-maquette, an action figure I have doubles of, and the HQ on a Harley statue (given to me by Joanna again!)

Left to right, back: the HQ plate, the first ever HQ statue and the H&J plate.

Left to right, front: a mini action figure, another loose action figure, the HQ Ron Lee, the wall hanging (again, a gift from Joanna!), the bust and the drinks coaster.

Another shelf of goodies, with more of a Joker theme.

I'm concentrating on my HQ stuff on this page, if you're interested in more of my Joker stuff, click here.

Left to right, back: the HQ Golden book, the silver age Joker statue and a Joker plate signed by Mark Hamill.

Left to right, front: a Joker maquette (yet another gift from Joanna!), mini Joker figure, another mini Joker figure and a little McDonalds toy.

Left to right, back: the Alex Ross H&J plate, a bottle of bubblebath with a Joker head.

Left to right, front: the Joker drinks coaster, a jelly jar, a gorgeous Joker statue given to me by an ex-boyfriend, a Joker glass (one of the only things I found in Australia) and an ancient box of Whitman's chocolates with Joker and Harley on it.

Oohhh I love these!

Left to right: the HQ marionette, given to me by another ex, the Joker marionette, a snowglobe featuring Joker and Harley, the H&I cookie jar, the three Tonner HQ figures, and in front of them, the Joker snowglobe (featuring Harley) and the HQ snowglobe.

And here are the little beanie bags from all those years ago - and yes, these were yet another fabulous gift from the wonderful Joanna!

Damn, that girl looked after me! <3

This photo frame was given to me by Joanna on condition I put a picture of her and I in there - hahaha.

Well, as you can see, eleven years later it's still there and has set by my bed all this time!