A brief profile on the five key actresses who have each performed Harley Quinn to date! 



Arleen Sorkin was not just the first woman to perform Harley - she was the original inspiration for the character! Without Arleen - there would be no Harley! So it was only natural that she should provide the voice for the character and has performed Harley morre extensively than any other actress.

Born the 14th October, 1956, Arleen has long been an actress based out of Los Angeles.  Her performance as Calliope Bradford-Jones on Days of Our Lives was very popular with fans of that show and the character's comedic and eccentric personality was also quite inspirational to the character of Harley.

Arleen has also appeared in the television series, Duet, hosted America's Funniest People and had many small film and television parts, including Oscar & Comic Book.

Multi-talented, she has also turned her hand at script-writing, such as the movie Picture Perfect, series Tiny Toons and All Fired Up.

As Harley Quinn, she has performed in Batman: The Animated Series,  The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, World's Finest, Static Shock, Justice League, Gotham Girls & games Batman: Vengeance, Batman: Arkham Asylum, & DC Universe Online.


The second person to perform Harley, Mia has the honour of being the first ever live-action HQ!

Mia was born 19th June, 1967 and had the thrill of Sean Connery as her father-in-law as well as studying acting with Roy London. Her debut film role was in the Ridley Scott fantastic dream-like fantasy adventure, Legend, as Princess Lili. A cult-classic, it saw her star alongside a very young Tom Cruise and an unrecognisable (but very sexy) Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame).

Since then, she has worked steadily but largely under the radar in television series and movies.

She played Harley in the short-lived, campy and fun Birds of Prey television series, taking the role over from Twin Peaks actress Sherilyn Fenn. 


Hynden Walch was the third person to perform Harley Quinn, for a new and different take on Harley!

Born on the 1st February, 1971, she has enjoyed such distinctions as graduating summa cum laude from UCLA and winning the Outer Critics Circle Award for outstanding Broadway debut of an actress.

With an extensive resume behind her, she has also performed in many other television shows as both a live-actress and voice-actress, including many popular cartoons. She also performed alongside Arleen Sorkin playing Harley in an episode of Justice League, as a young girl the Joker had manipulated into doing his bidding.

She performed Harley in the re-imagining of the Bat-Mythos, The Batman.


Little is known about Meghan Strange's personal life, but she has been an established voice actress for a number of years, working in shows such as The Land Before Time,  Stitch!, Special Agent Oso and even had a small role in the hilarious film, Bullets Over Broadway (in which the divine Jennifer Tilly starred - an actress who, in her younger days, could've turned a wonderful performance as Harley!).

Meghan has performed Harley only once, in one episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It remains to be seen if Harls will appear again in that series!


Tara Strong is the latest actress to play Harley - an unexpected choice that has surprised many fans!

Born 12th February, 1973, Tara has an incredibly extensive and prestigious resume behind her, having performed innumerably as a voice actress but also as a live-action actress in many shows, movies and video games. Interestingly, she often provides voices for young male characters, and is also a kosher vegetarian in accordance with her Jewish upbringing.

Amongst her long-list of credits are shows such as The Penguins of Madagascar, Drawn Together, Ben Ten, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Transformers and various B:TAS-related shows - as Batgirl! Indeed, her list of credits as Batgirl are almost as long as Arleen's for Harley's!

Paul Dini revealed in a recent podcast that the prodcuers of Arkham City wanted to go in a different direction to Arleen Sorkin and Tara was subsequently chosen. Arleen gave the actress her blessing and said she did a great job. Fan reaction reaction has been mixed, from those who cannot tell the difference between Tara and Arleen to those who wish Arleen had remained.

Certainly Tara managed to capture Harley's vibrant spirit, mischief, malice and cuteness and was an excellent addition to the game!


Poppy Tierney is the lucky actress who successfully landed the role of Harley Quinn for the stage show extravaganza, Batman Live!

A spectacular and high budget production, the highly anticipated show debuted July 2011 in England, to highest accolades.

In particular, Poppy garnered huge praise from longtime Batman fans to theatre afficiondos alike. 

Poppy is a higly experienced stage actress who has performed in an array of productions showcasing her versatility as actress and singer. 

This British-born performer has not only excellently embodied the spirit of Harley Quinn but has also managed to capture an uncanny mimicry of Arleen Sorkin's voice in her vocal performance of the character. 

Even the fans most cautious of the production due to Harley's dramatic costume redesign have embraced Poppy's performance in the role.