Arkham City is the much anticipated video game sequel to the award-winning Arkham Asylum.
This page contains critical spoilers!!!


Once again penned by Paul Dini, this new chapter advances on the story begun in Arkham Asylum and heavily stars Harley Quinn, working devotedly alongside her Joker to aid him in bringing his devious vision into actualisation.

Expanding on the premise of the first, the scope of this game is truly enormous; Arkham Asylum has been replaced by 'Arkham City', a new super-prison that is five times bigger than the first where the imprisoned criminals are allowed to roam free so long as they do not try to escape. This provides a thrilling and dangerous new location for stunning game play!

Taking place eighteen months after the events of the first, the Joker has been struck deathly ill by a virus that has been mutated by the Titan formula. Kidnapping Batman and injecting him with the same virus, Joker advises his eternal foe that unless Batman secures a cure for them, they will both die. 

Batman must then pursue the cure through the streets of Arkham City, uncovering some of its deadly and sinister secrets as well as confronting several classic villains such as The Riddler, Mr Freeze, Catwoman and Talia al Ghul. 

Harley naturally provides backup and support for her Puddin' as well as causing trouble for the Batman at every available opportunity.

In this game she dons a different outfit, to suit both the different setting of an urban dystopia and reflect her state of mind - here, Harley is intensely tortured and in a state of anxiety and distress over the Joker's fragile health condition. As with the first, she is treated as edgier and tougher, her only expressions of empathy and compassion reserved for her Mistah J. 

The rest of the time she's tough as nails and ruthless in her pursuit of her objections, taking malicious delight in adding to Batman's troubles.

But her mental state is occupied with concern for the Joker and it doesn't take much to tip her over the edge. Indeed, her obsession and fixation with her man is further reflected in several new tattoos she sports, devoted to him.

As with the first, this game is a delight for hardcore Harleyites is again her alliance and absolute union with the Joker and how once again they are depicted as working in perfect tandem to great effectiveness.  Fans can enjoy the treat of seeing classic JokerxHarley exchange with all its warped humour and sinister affection.

The game ends with the ultimate climax - the Joker dying, Harley mourning his broken body in the soft snow of a new morning. However, an easter egg players can unlock reveal a twist that hints at exciting possibilities for the already-rumoured third installment: a positive pregnancy test found amongst the detritus of Joker & Harley's lair!

Could Harley have finally got her ultimate wish - at the same time as losing the love of her life? Time will tell...


This concept art shows the various evolutions Harley's new design underwent and the concepts explored. The original face designs are gorgeous - but it's a good thing they toned down the fetish-club-chic - it's a little too hammy!
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