Harley appears in a brand new video game, taking center stage next to her Mistah J - penned by none other than Paul Dini!


2009 has so far been a big year for Harley, after several of relative obscurity! Hope she enjoyed the vacation, cos she's in demand now!

In the onslaught of reviews to the online world in the wake of the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the new video game, a dizzying variety of terms have been used to reference Harley: Joker's main squeeze, his other half, his paramour, henchgirl, wannabe girlfriend, girlfriend, lover,part-time lover, personal lackey, Girl Friday, second-in-command, groupie, sidekick, assistant, obsessed assistant... the list goes on and on! 

And all of them are right, some more so than others... though many used in isolation are just plain annoying!

But the most important thing is what they highlight about Harley's role in this game, and that is she is back in her rightful place, by Mistah J's side – aiding, abetting and assisting him in bringing one of his schemes to fruition!

Paul Dini, Harley's Daddy, is the mastermind behind the script of this game and, true to form, has injected it with a wealth of detail in terms of character depiction. This being a video game, the 'plot' must necessarily be focused on what is going to set up an engaging adventure for the player, and this one delivers – Batman delivers a too-easily captured Joker back to Arkham, only to find it's all a big trap and he's at the mercy of Mistah J and Harley, running the show and unleashing a madhouse of lunactis onto the Dark Knight!

A simple enough premise, but under Dini's skilled hand at character and dialogue, it comes gloriously to life. And Harley is ferociously and deliciously in action!

Here, it seems that Dini has chosen to play up Harley's crueller side for the gamers.  She is cold, vicious, ruthless and deadly – even reacting with an unusual level of nonchalance and disinterest to her own bestest best friend, Poison Ivy!

She's definitely got a little extra “edge” but it suits the timbre and tone of the game to a tee! I'd even argue it's not so much 'extra' as her natural edginess has just been played up a little bit more for the purposes of this game!

While I'm not a fan of  Harley's “new look” in this game, being a stickler for her classic garb being perfectly, gorgeously sexier than just about any other look, it has a certain theatrical funness to it. 

But probably the highlight of this game for any hardcore Harley fan is how unified she is with the Joker in this, and how beautifully and effectively they work together. It reflects the way their relationship has evolved to where they really are now a partnership – loving what they do, supporting each other and wreaking absolute mayhem!

The game features many moments of intimate exchange with them, affection and ownership, innuendo and twisted humour – everything that makes JxH great! As a special little bonus, you can even find secret recordings of them in session when Harley was still his psychiatrist!

Possibly in the best news of all, the incomparable, the one and only Arleen Sorkin returns as Harley's voice, bringing all her wonderful talent, character and personality and bringing Harley to life as only Arleen can!

This game is definitely an exciting new chapter in Harley's story although I must say whilst I hope that it influences other depictions of her, and her relationship with Joker, that her sweetness and heart are still preserved – I prefer my Harley just that little less cold, although of course her moments of utter ruthlessness are as much a part of her!


A few of the various design concepts Harley underwent for this game!